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The Studio.

Online- LIVE

We have daily Online- LIVE classes for you. Classes are at 10am and 6pm weekdays and at 10am on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday. All of our classes are an hour long.

Video Library

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Weekday Classes


Gentle Restorative – Reconnect with your core and allow yourself to flow through the postures. (Yin)


Core Strengthening – Strengthen your core and add power to your postures. (Yang)


Gentle Restorative with Bolsters and Props – Improve your muscle memory and learn some postures that you can use throughout the day (Yin)


Balance РLearn how to add  balance to your postures as well as strengthen and align your back and shoulders (Yang)


Twists – Take your practice to the next level and add some dynamic movement to your postures (Yin/Yang)

Weekend Classes


Gentle restorative – Polish away the rough edges with 60 minutes of self-care (Yin)


All of the Above – Put your practice to the test as we challenge ourselves with everything we’ve done though the week

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